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Funky and Fancy

Smiley nail stickers


Changing your nails should be as easy as changing your accessories. Therefor we got you covered with these smiley nail stickers. Giving your basic manicure a Funky twist in just a blink was never this easy. Pinky promise! 


  • 80+ smiley nail stickers 
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply 
  • Can be used on natural nails (fingers- and toe nails), acrylic and gel nails. 
  • Applying a top coat after application will extend the life of your nail stickers 

How to

Step 1: Apply a (gel) nail polish like you always do. Make sure it's completely dry before you start. 

Step 2: Pick your favorite sticker(s) and create your design. Tips: to avoid stickers being ripped, peel them of very carefully from the widest point. For easy application you an use tweezers. 

Step 3: Carefully press the sticker on your nails 

Step 4: Seal your design with (two) top coats.