Funky and Fancy

Funky & Fancy x The Coucou Club

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The so-called "Summer of Love" is finally here, and to celebrate that we're allowed to be out and about again, The Coucou Club and Funky & Fancy joined forces to bring you accessories you'll love at first sight!

With a mutual love for color, personalization and a high-quality standard, The Coucou Club and Funky & Fancy launch 2 playful and handmade designs. Meet the Coucou x Funky Phone cord and Necklace; both a mash-up of our favorite things: Smileys, mood-enhancing colors and funkiness. Coucou means "hello" in French: time to say hello to a Summer to never forget!


  • 36 cm adjustable to 42 cm
  • Real sweet water pearls
  • Golden details are made of stainless steel so they won’t change color
  • Allergy free material
  • Slight variations due to the individuality of each piece
  • Handmade in the Netherlands


All our necklaces are handmade and therefor made of the best quality. To make sure they will last forever we only work with fresh water pearls and stainless steel. As we’re using natural materials, no two pieces are truly alike. Most items are made to order to prevent waste. A necklace is the finishing touch of an outfit, wear ours as a statement piece or stack them up for more fun. Whether you love something Funky or something more Fancy we sure got a piece that will steal your heart and will make you smile!