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Funky and Fancy

Funky & Fancy x Blitsbee - Part 1


Funky & Fancy and Blitsbee joined forces to get you a Funky manicure in just 10 minutes. With a mutual love for colors, uniqueness and a 'more is more less is a bore' mindset, we launch 2 limited edition designs. You can mix these two designs to create your unique look. These will be the coolest and funkiest nail stickers you have ever seen, pinky promise! 


  • 16 ultra thin nail wraps in different sizes (perfect fit for everyone)
  • Self-adhesive and simple
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Can be used on natural nails (finger- an toe nails), acrylic, gel nails and shellac 
  • Applying a top coat after application will extend the life of your nail wraps and keep them shinier longer

How to:

No time or patience for a mani at the salon, we got you covered! Follow the next steps and you'll have a Funky manicure in just 10 minutes! 

Step 1: Push back cuticles 

A perfect manicure only works with a perfect base! Push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick and remove the thin layer of cuticle on the nail bed.
Because your Blitsbee designs belong on the nail, not on the cuticle! This way you ensure a nail party up to at least 10 days.
Step 2: Choose size 
Choose from 8 different sizes of wraps to ensure the best fit for your nail. If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller size for natural nails. With gel or acrylic nails, you should choose the larger size because of the nail curvature.
Tip: If you can't find the right size, you can also cut each nail strip individually with nail scissors.
Step 3: Apply nail wrap 
Remove the transparent protective film and peel the nail wrap from its silver backing. Place the nail wrap on your nail and press it down from the middle towards the tip of your nail. Make sure that the nail wrap doesn't touch any skin or the cuticle. 
Step 4: Fold excess 
Fold the excess nail wrap under your nail tip so that the nail edge is completely covered with the nail design. Be careful not to pull the nail wrap over the tip of the nail too strongly. This is the best way to ensure clean nail edges.

Step 5: File 
Carefully file off the folded end horizontally underneath the tip of your nail.
Avoid filing in different directions in order not to damage the nail wrap. Also avoid filing the nail wrap vertically, as the up and down motion can cause file dust to get under the nail wrap.
Step 6: Seal the deal 
Finish your manicure by sealing it with a thin layer of basic top coat nail polish. Don't forget to additionally seal the nail edge to avoid tip wear.
Tips & Trics 
Do you already want to stay at the nail party a little longer? Below are some of our most common tips and tricks. 
  1. Applying a top coat after application can extend the life of your nail wraps and keep them shinier longer.
  2. If you plan to use sunscreen, apply a top coat to protect the nail wraps from the active ingredients which can tarnish the top layer.
  3. Avoid water and lotions for a few hours after application to allow the adhesive to set.
  4. Always apply the wraps below the cuticle, never overlapping the skin.
  5. Apply nail wraps on each finger of one hand before filing (this allows for the adhesive to 'set' before filing).
  6. For best results, apply the nail wraps prior to going to bed, to allow the wraps to adhere overnight.
  7. Applying a base coat prior to application can help the nail wrap adhere to your nail because it builds a smooth, oil free surface to adhere to. Make sure the base coat is dry prior to applying the nail wraps!
  8. If you have short nails, using a file to remove the excess nail wrap may be difficult. If that is the case, use nail clippers to clip the nail wrap above the tip of your nail, and then file the remaining excess to smooth the wrap along the edge of your nail.